Cocoro, you and the menstrual cup

Menstrual pants or menstrual cup? No need to choose, you can combine them both! We can experience our periods in a sustainable way with products that respect both our bodies and our planet.

To menstrual cup fans: at Cocoro we absolutely love menstrual cups! In fact, we thought of creating Cocoro when we realised that many menstrual cup users also used pads as an extra protection or quite simply to alternate products.

Quite often, menstrual cups cannot cover all needs. Some days we’re not sure whether we’ll be able to change our menstrual cup and we fear it will end up leaking. Or even if we use it a lot, we might choose to give our menstrual cup a rest during the night.

Or when we know our period is about to come, but we’d rather not use the menstrual cup until we’re actually on our period. Menstrual pants are also a practical solution in such occasions. Ready for our period to flow at any moment!

Cocoro menstrual pants and menstrual cups are a perfect match. You can either use them together or alternatively, according to each moment and need. They’re a respectful, reusable and healthy pair!

Which Cocoro model do you like best to combine with your menstrual cup?