Free Bleeding

Do you know what free bleeding is? You might think it’s ignoring the period, letting it go without any filter, any product, or without worrying about staining. However, it does not entirely represent these things: it is a technique of maximum body awareness that allows you to choose the moment for bleeding. It may sound like an experience from another planet, but those who practice it speak of a before and after.

Getting started with free bleeding requires practice, patience and observation. Advice from pelvic floor specialists can help. Alternatively talking about it with friends and looking for and contrast references within a person´s social environment is useful.

The idea is to pay attention to your body, to identify the contractions of the uterus: you will be able to anticipate them to retain or let go of the period when you choose to, completely consciously.

Containing and releasing the period voluntarily is a capacity that often we don´t know exists. Its like as children, we learn to control the urge to urinate.

Our body is wonderful! And the most wonderful thing is to be able to have options and to do what makes us feel best.

The fear of staining haunts us at all times and everywhere. And it’s normal. However, we believe that the time has come to reconcile ourselves with our blood and with our body. To live with potential spots with less pressure. Cocoro are good allies to free bleeding: Both at the beginning, when due to uncertainty and only a little experience we can experience leaks that we still do not control; and also when you already master it, but in certain situations, you need protection.

And you? Do you practice free bleeding? With which Cocoro would you try it with?