We spend more than 30 years of our life menstruating. Without realising it, the period becomes increasingly irregular and then ends up stopping. We think this is fantastic, and perhaps at times, we had wanted it. But when it comes, we often have a mixture of feelings, and certain fears and doubts about the alterations in our body.

We have been led to believe that menopause is a “problem” and evidence that we have grown older. But it’s just one more phase; a phase (short or long, depending on each person) during which our body finalises the fertile stage. We are still ourselves.

With menopause our hormones have to be relocated. We are a pressure cooker of physical changes and emotional changes.

The famous hot flashes, weight gain, loss of sexual desire, sleep disturbances, increased irritability or even anxiety, amongst other changes, may appear. A party! Luckily, not everyone has all of these symptoms, let alone all at once.

A good diet and an active and healthy lifestyle can help us to live the menopause better. Also, if necessary, act and ask for help. Let’s talk about the menopause (let’s talk a lot about menopause!) to normalise it, to learn from it and to accomplish well-being.

Menstrual pants can be very practical during pre-menopause, when the period is out of step and you never know when it will come. Also during menopause, if we have mild urine leakage. Cocoro replaces pads in a healthy and sustainable way.

Changing the rules for periods also means changing the last period rules.

We want to embrace menopause: it doesn’t have to be an enemy or a fight against our body, but a part of ourselves. Do you agree?

Which Cocoro do you prefer for this life stage?