About us

Cocoro is a project of feminism, sustainability and innovation and technology.

We are the first European brand of absorbent pants for menstruation, vaginal discharge and slight urine leakage. We are revolution. We are change.  We are respect for the body, learning to listen to it and loving it as it is. Naturally. No complexes, no taboos. A cry for freedom.

We design, manufacture and distribute technological underwear.

In 2016, four women entrepreneurs founded Cocoro. Cristina Torres, Laida Memba, Eva Polío and Clara Guasch wanted to change the way we live with the period.

Cocoro is now a consolidated team of 13 people working with the support of different collaborators and local and International agencies. Behind Cocoro there are also constant collaborations with innovation centers to perfect the design and the technical quality of the product.

Cocoro belongs to the Femtech movement, which includes companies and institutions that put innovation and technology at the service of women’s health. Technology allows us to combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics in a single product that improves the day to day wellbeing of people who menstruate.

Cocoro panties were born under the ideal of feminism promoting change towards a fair, respectful and egalitarian situation for women and other groups.

We are part of the Fashion Revolution movement – Who made my clothes? , a global non-profit initiative that unites hundreds of teams of professionals from the fashion industry. The movement calls for greater transparency and sustainability throughout the production and supply chain, from ideation and manufacturing until the product reaches the hands of consumers.

We believe in what we do and this makes us feel so good! We are all (yes there are also men on the team!) very different, and at the same time have a lot in common.

We are united by values, empathy, the desire to do things well, professionalism, mutual respect and large doses of good humor. And with these ways of doing, we continue to learn, grow and improve every day.

Group photo (as soon as we can we will take another – ‘offline’)