Our Evolution

Cocoro was born in 2016, when the four co-founders, Cristina Torres, Laida Memba, Eva Polío and Clara Guasch, were members of the Femmefleur cooperative, working on the sale and wider communication of products for menstruation. They knew that an external product was very necessary to manage the period, one that was comfortable and sustainable. A product that was respectful, reusable, beautiful and easy to use: Cocoro.

After testing and more testing with various prototypes as well as the collation of opinions from the first testers of Cocoro panties, a crowdfunding campaign was conducted in order to finance production of the first menstrual pants in Europe.  The campaign began with the aim of obtaining € 21,560 to be able to produce 1,000 units. Our gratitude is infinite: at the end of the campaign, this initial amount was multiplied by 7.9 reaching 9,000 units.

It is the most successful fashion crowdfunding campaign in Europe and the second, with the highest number of supporters, on the Verkami platform at that time.

The success continues: from the beginning and to the present, we have made 13 collections of absorbent pants. An alternative not only for menstruation, but also for vaginal discharge and slight leakage of urine.

Cocoro Timeline: from the beginnings, in 2016, upto today

We grow and innovate faithful to a structure of local production and proximity.

Currently, Cocoro has offices in the city of Barcelona and a consolidated team of 13 people.

With the will and enthusiasm of the first day, we have managed to make an International leap with a presence in much of Europe and Latin America. And what lies ahead!

Are you with us?