Sense of collectivity

Cocoro was born thanks to the sum of small efforts (all of them very important!), through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The will of the 4 co-founders has always been that the project is collective and that whoever wants to can make it their own. The sense of collectivity defines the essence of Cocoro.

We offer a product, yes, period pants. However, at the same time, we also offer a space for conversation, for dialogue, where different perspectives, experiences, realities and opinions of all kinds can coexist.

Whether through our social networks, or in any direct contact with you, in Cocoro we have a firm spirit of community and cooperation. We are committed to respect and freedom of expression and decision, we are always open to different voices, welcoming and talking through different points of view that make us all think.

Cooperation is present in the team in our day to day: we listen to each other and sustain each other seeking to achieve coordination and efficiency in all the actions that we conduct.

Cocoro is possible thanks to a close alignment of many people: from the founders to the clients, through to the suppliers, the investors, the workers, the collaborators and the distributors.

In 2019 we held our first round of investment. Crowdequity, or collective financing,  allowed many people to invest in the project with their desired amount, tailored to them, with no unattainable minimums. It was a success, with hundreds of participants and we do not rule out offering this option again in the future.

We want to go further and further and, at the same time, closer to everyone to make period wear a product of habitual use. We want to strive for more, looking for challenges that motivate us, that help us to constantly deliver improvements at all levels. Always with decisiveness, conviction, and a sense of humor.

If you want to be part of it, we welcome you.