What do we want?

At Cocoro we have a firm and clear purpose: we want to contribute to improving the lives of people and the planet.

The product we make, Cocoro absorbent pants, fulfill this dual purpose: They are a commitment and a statement of intent to reduce the environmental impact caused by the classic products for menstruation and female intimate health and, at the same time, a comfortable and healthy alternative for the body.

Clothes not only have to consider the multiple shapes of bodies, but also how they work and what happens to these bodies: we sweat, we menstruate, we have vaginal discharge, urine leaks, etc. Aesthetics and design are very important in underwear, but at the same time we need to have comfortable and practical options for all circumstances.

We work so that Cocoro panties, with the same stylistic essence but with different options in terms of design, format, size and colour, become a reference for textile products that respect our body. Our desire is to contribute to increasing the well-being of women and other groups that also suffer social discrimination.

From our main values of feminism,  sustainability and innovation and technology, the values that guide us in all our actions and interactions are:

1. Respect for people and the environment:

  • we ensure the well-being of Cocoro’s workers and clients, as well as the people who work for our suppliers and collaborators;
  • we are committed to sustainability throughout our company; products, production processes, transport and internal operation.

2. (Eco)feminism: we contribute through our conversations and our actions, to improve the situation of the inferiority of women in areas that should be addressed, as well as for other non-privileged social groups.

3. Listening and honesty: listening and honesty are key in the labour relationships that we establish, the evolution of the company and our product design.

4. Curiosity and concern: we look for new ways to address challenges, both at the level of products and business organisation (innovation).

5. Excellence: we seek excellence in the product, in the processes and in our final finishes.

6. Good humor: present at all times!

All these values define our sense of collectivity. Would you like to know how we do all of this and to put faces to the team behind the Cocoro?