Feminism is both theory and action. It is through action that Cocoro experiences and upholds Feminism, one of the three core values of Cocoro.

The inferior status of women in different areas of society is unfair and intolerable. We, therefore, believe that it is essential and urgent to join forces and make it our global objective to make ourselves visible and fight against social, political, economic, and legal discrimination affecting both women and other groups.

Cocoro was born under the feminist ideal, and in particular under ecofeminism, which cares for equality as well as for respect for nature and all living creatures. These ideals take form in a sustainable, revolutionary product: menstrual pants.

All bodies are beautiful and deserve recognition and care. This is why we have a great variety of Cocoro designs, and up to 8 sizes. We try to work with different models and our photos show real people: we neither touch, emphasize nor hide anything.

We like people to feel at ease with who and how they are. And in order to feel comfortable and confident with our body, we need to be able to talk about it openly.

Cocoro wants to help put an end to the misinformation about menstruation that has been perpetuating across generations. Let’s talk about periods, the first and the last, and about what happens to us before, during and after menstruating.

Menstruation is not all: let’s also talk about vaginal discharge, and minor urine losses. We talk about our bodies, and about our wellbeing.

We clearly see that everyone in our company should be able to work in a professional, caring, and friendly work environment. Cocoro facilitates work/family life reconciliation, and it encourages dialogue and cooperation based on freedom of speech and action.

We understand feminism means alliances. This is why we collaborate with Foundations and Associations that work to improve women’s situation, both near and far.

  • The Ared Foundation of Barcelona, which works for social-labour integration of people at risk of exclusion, mostly women from prisons and social services.
  • The Guné Foundation of Barcelona, an international cooperation entity that works in the fight against menstrual poverty.
  • Gala Endodance, which raises funds for research into endometriosis, a chronic disease that affects 15% of women, has no cure or specific treatment and takes an average of 9 years to diagnose.

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