Innovation and technology

Cocoro period underwear are the result of collaboration with research centres who are experts in textiles. We constantly refine our design and technical performance, delivering the most suitable combination of materials for menstruation, vaginal discharge and urine leakage.

Thanks to technological innovation, we achieve:

  • The most effective combination of absorbent, antibacterial, breathable and water-repellent functionality
  • Comfortable and beautiful pants
  • Ease of care: Cocoro can be washed in the washing machine with the rest of the dirty laundry
  • A healthy product, and a healthy period: all Cocoro have the absorbent area covered with 100% organic cotton  (without elastane), one of the most respectful and breathable fabrics for the genitals. A healthy way to menstruate and careful with the environment

We are part of the Femtech movement, which includes companies and institutions that put innovation and technology at the service of women’s health. Technology allows us to combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics in a single product that improves the day to day lives of people who menstruate.

At the same time, innovation at Cocoro goes beyond the product. For us it is also that we make improvements and changes to the organization.

We are committed to a very transversal and efficient organization. We have allways been combining teleworking and face-to-face work for our small (but powerful!) multidiscplinary team and we continue with this model, to be able to respect the needs of each one of us to the maximum.

Innovation is “inhaled and exhaled” at Cocoro and is part of the whole process: to continue improving the efficiency and design of the underwear, and to undertake new challenges with new collections, new fabrics and new needs.

Along with feminism and sustainabilityinnovation and technology are a fundamental value of Cocoro.