Feminism in Cocoro

The inferior status of women in different areas of society is unfair and intolerable. We, therefore, believe that it is essential and urgent to join forces and make it our global objective to make ourselves visible and fight against social, political, economic, and legal discrimination affecting both women and other groups. 

Cocoro was born under this feminist ideal, which gave shape to this revolutionary product, period panties, designed to make women feel comfortable with their body whatever their shape, whatever the day. It was equally designed with the basic premise that everyone in our company should be able to work in a professional, caring, and friendly work environment. With the means to facilitate work/family life reconciliation, but also the chance to speak up, to contribute, to feel part of the group.

Cocoro feminisme

In our eyes, all bodies 
are beautiful and deserve recognition and care.

That is the reason why we offer a great variety of Cocoro designs in up to 8 sizes. We try and work with different models and show real people in our photos. We neither retouch, highlight or remove anything in our pictures. We like everyone to feel comfortable with the way they are. And to feel comfortable with our body, we must be able to talk about it. Unashamedly.

At Cocoro we help fight misinformation about menstruation perpetuated from one generation to the next. We talk about the period, the first one and the last one, and what happens to us before, during and after. But it is not all about menstruating: we also talk about vaginal discharge and urine leakage. We talk about the body; we talk about people.

Cocoro feminisme

Cocoro feminisme

Feminism is theory and action. 
And it is partnership.

That is why we collaborate with Foundations and Associations that also strive to improve the situation of women here and anywhere in the world.

The Ared de Barcelona Foundation, which works towards the social and labor inclusion of people at risk of exclusion, mainly women from prisons and social services.

The Guné Foundation of Barcelona, an international cooperation entity that combats period poverty.

Gala Endodance, which raises funds for endometriosis research, a chronic disease that affects 15% of women, has no cure or specific treatment and takes an average of 9 years to be diagnosed.

Premi Cocoro reykjavik

We are especially excited about the Power, Together Award, granted by the Reykjavik Global Forum of Women Leaders (2019), which recognizes initiatives that promote the empowerment of women, the end of period poverty, the break down of prejudices and change.

Premi Cocoro reykjavik

And we are convinced that there is no feminism without sustainability. What do you think?