In Cocoro again, we will NOT celebrate Black Friday. This is why:

No Black Friday

1. Black Friday (Surprise!) is not real in many cases: discounts are not always real. Some studies suggest that the real drop in prices is on average 2%*! All this, hand in hand with strategies of price increases days before or weeks before Black Friday. This is a dishonest practice that many consumers are already aware of.

2. Black Friday is not sustainable: such a sudden increase in shopping means more traffic, more pollution, and much more waste. Impulsive consumption encourages unnecessary purchases that fall into oblivion or endless returns ..and we go back to the start. Ufff, breathe, it's in your hands to change it. Little trick: think twice before buying.

3. Black Friday is stressful: It's a bombardment of promotions creating reactions like "Rush, or they will pull it out of my hands!" ‘Exclusive discounts’, ‘unique opportunities’, but above all a lot of haste, constant tension and accumulated emotions that are difficult to manage.

4. Black Friday encourages temporary hiring, a trend on the rise in recent years that causes an increase in poverty and social inequality. Comparing the temporary contracts in the month of November between 2013 and 2018, this type of hiring due to such special circumstances has increased by 67.79%**.  A situation, often linked to unfavorable working conditions  (rest hours, working conditions, safety and health).  

At Cocoro it makes us feel good to encourage conscious, responsible and honest consumption. 

Our prices are fair and adapted to our entire production chain, and we cannot lower them suddenly and madly. On the other hand, we offer a wide variety of discounts and opportunities of all kinds during the year, such as "create your pack" that is made-to-measure with savings.

-10% Pack 2 pants | -13% Pack 3 pants  |  -15% Pack 4 pants or more