Who’s behind this revolution?

Cocorointim SL is an endeavour that has only been possible thanks to the contribution of many people.

Equip Cocoro

Two architects, a philologist, and a graphic designer (Eva Polío, Laida Memba, Clara Guasch and Cristina Torres) founded Cocoro. Today, the entity has a permanent team of 14 people that work together with a number of both local and international agencies and collaborators. A great happy family.

We are all Cocoro: those of you who had blind faith in the initial idea, those of you who made the 2016 crowdfunding campaign a resounding success, those of you who have tried and appraised all the collections and who have helped us succeed, those who have decided to make a change, thinking about making it or will soon take the step, and local stores and digital platforms everywhere that are making it possible for Cocoro to reach out beyond its borders.

Thank you. Many thanks to ALL. We still have a long way to go. Let's keep changing the cycle together!