Who’s behind this revolution?

Cocorointim SL is an endeavour that has only been possible thanks to the contribution of many people.

The Beat of Feminine Essence

Discover the pioneering brand in absorbent intimate clothing that cares for both you and the environment. Our products adapt to all bodies and life stages, focusing on your well-being, enhancing your freedom, and accompanying you at every moment towards a full and authentic femininity.

At the heart of Cocoro lies a story of courage and transformation. In 2016, we set out to challenge norms and change the way women experience menstruation. That's why we're proud to have been the first European brand of absorbent underwear. This has given us valuable experience and allowed us to interact with countless users to continuously improve our designs and fabrics.

In Barcelona, with dedication and passion, we create each Cocoro garment with top-quality organic cotton and innovative technical fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and protection. They are fully washable and reusable, over 60 times! We are very pleased to be a real alternative to single-use products.

But what truly drives us is the love and support of our community. Cocoro was born thanks to the joint effort of many people who believed in our project and supported us through a crowdfunding campaign. Since then, thousands of women have trusted us and our products. This energy drives us to continue working to celebrate femininity and make daily life easier for as many women as possible.

So if you're considering buying a Cocoro garment, rest assured that you'll not only get a top-quality product, but you'll also be part of our community, where you can share experiences, concerns, and where love and connection with our feminine essence unite us. Thank you for trusting us!